About Us

Our Goal

  • Design a FUN, therapeutic centre that assesses and trains brains for optimal performance.
  • Create a fun, stimulating environment that celebrates creativity, uniqueness and the potential of every child.
  • Help as many people as possible, as affordably as possible.
  • Support parents who are frustrated, scared and exhausted.
  • Provide resources, training, networking and solutions.
  • Be on the cutting edge of research and technology.

What is Neuroplay?

“Movement is the door to learning.” Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D.

Neuroplay combines the positive aspects of a fitness facility with the proven techniques of a medical clinic. It offers the latest methods such as Brainmapping, Neurofeedback, Interactive Metronome, Light Therapy, Heartmath and physical activity with an aim to achieve better brain function, improved focus, a more reliable working memory, and more balance, coordination, control and self-esteem.

Our Approach


01 - Initial Assessment

Mandatory 75- to 90-minute Naturopathic assessment. This initial assessment will include Brain mapping, an Interactive Metronome assessment, an Art assessment and a physical assessment.

  • Parents must be present for this appointment, which is covered by most insurance plans (consult your personal medical insurance plan for coverage).
  • Children must wear indoor running shoes and be prepared to be busy, active and have fun.
  • We suggest that you bring a water bottle and a healthy snack. Because this assessment will map out your child’s Base Line, there will be interactive activities but also moments of concentration and meditation.
  • We request that children come well rested.

02 - Follow Up

Based on your initial assessment, one of our Brain Trainers will walk you & your child through their personalized training plan. This visit will take between 45 and 1.5 hours. Again, be prepared to have fun!

03 - Training Floor

As with any training program, results come from repetition. We suggest one to two sessions weekly combined with at-home play that mirrors your training program.
Progress will be assessed every four to five weeks and a new treatment plan will be created accordingly. Every milestone will be addressed in your personalized process plan.
Like any personal process plan or gym, repetition and commitment are key to see results!

"Neuro Fitness is Neuro Fun"


Neuro Fitness
80 Micro Court, Suite 100
Markham, ON
Phone : (905) 233-7215

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday By Appointment
Sunday Closed